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Floor Squeegee

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Floor Squeegee - Soft Foam Rubber

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Floor Squeegee - Soft Foam Rubber

  • Squeegee for tough work.
  • Ideal for workshops and large areas.
  • Galvanized steel frame with a splash guard.
  • Reinforced handle socket.
  • Black natural rubber.
  • Will accept standard 15/16" diameter handle, tapered or square cut.

Consists of two parts: the Brush Handle and the Steel Frame Squeegee Head

Brush Handle

  • 1-1/8" x 60"
  • Straight-grained hardwood
  • Clear lacquered finish
  • One end rounded, the other is crimped on a crimped on metal end

Squeegee Head

  • Soft Foam Rubber with a Double Edge Steel Frame



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