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Mist n Shine Professional Detailer

CODE: WIZ01214

PIECES IN BOX: 1 22oz Bottle

Price : $16.95

Professional Detailer

• Adds a show-winning gloss and slickness to any vehicle
• Brightens all paint, clearcoat, fiberglass and chrome
• Perfect to use between complete wax applications
• Great for spot cleaning to remove dust, bugs, fingerprints, etc
• Safe for show chrome and Lexan
• Hides swirls
• Will not scratch or streak, even in direct sun
• Anti-static
• Contains no wax, solvents or silicone - body shop recommended

Metal Polish

CODE: WIZ11011

PIECES IN BOX: 1 3.3oz

Price : $11.29

Metal Polish
The Magic Is In The Cloth

• Brightens and protects ALL metals: aluminum, chrome*, stainless, brass, copper, nickel, etc.
• Fast cutting, highest gloss possible
• Removes tarnish, corrosion, oxidation, brake dust and tar
• Safe for coated wheels, motorcycles and household applications
*For Show Chrome, we recommend Mist-N-Shine #WIZ01214

Power Seal

CODE: WIZ11021

PIECES IN BOX: 1 8oz Bottle

Price : $11.29

Power Seal
Seals and Protects All Metals

• Creates an environmental shield for all polished metals
• Provides an acrylic barrier to stop air and moisture
• Super seals and protects against rust and corrosion
• Provides easy, high gloss maintenance as a micro polish

Shine Master

CODE: WIZ11033

PIECES IN BOX: 1 16oz Bottle

Price : $17.47

Shine Master
Polish & Breathable Sealant

• Easy on - easy off application
• Awesome high-shine gloss
• No streaks or smears
• No free silicone or wax
• Excellent cleaning
• Tough, long-lasting poly-acrylic protection
• Safe for fresh paints, clearcoat and Lexan
• Use as a wax replacement, swirl mark remover, or finishing (show) glaze by hand or machine

Finish Cut

CODE: WIZ11040

PIECES IN BOX: 1 32oz Bottle

Price : $27.25

Finish Cut
1 Step Compound

• No swirls, easy clean up
• Levels 1200 grit or finer sand scratches
• One-step buffing on most colors and clearcoat, fresh or aged finishes
• Brightens dull finishes, removes scratches and heavy paint overspray
• No wax, silicone or crystalline silica
• Water-based, no staining, no etching, no dusting
• Use with the Wizards Buffing Pad System

Turbo Cut

CODE: WIZ11044

PIECES IN BOX: 1 32oz Bottle

Price : $27.20

Turbo Cut
Time Release Compound

• Fast cut on dead paint, gelcoat and fiberglass
• Removes 1000 grit or finer sand scratches
• High gloss finishing on fresh or aged finishes, single stage paint and clearcoat
• No wax, silicone or crystalline silica
• Non-greasy, water-based for easy clean up without staining

Wizards Wash Super Concentrate

CODE: WIZ11077

PIECES IN BOX: 1 16oz Bottle

Price : $8.93

Wizards Wash
Super Concentrated

• Gentle, but thorough, cleaning formula for all types of exterior vehicle surfaces
• Thick, rich, long-lasting foam
• Streak-free rinsing assures quick drying without stripping the shine
• Adds lubrication when wet sanding or using Clay Mate™ overspray remover

Bug Release

CODE: WIZ11081

PIECES IN BOX: 1 22oz Bottle

Price : $11.08

Bug Release
All Surface Bug Remover

• Quickly removes bugs and residue
• Neutralizes acidic bug proteins
• Safe for all vehicles’ paint, chrome, glass and plastics
• Non-toxic, biodegradable
• Use as a presoak or spot cleaner

Power Clean

CODE: WIZ11088

PIECES IN BOX: 1 22oz Bottle

Price : $11.08

Power Clean
All Purpose Cleaner and Degreaser

• Cleans tires and raised white letters
• Dissolves oil, road grime and brake dust
• Non-caustic, non-acid, safe for highly polished wheels
• Use as a grease, wax and silicone remover
• Safe for interiors: dashboard, seats, floors
Super spot remover for carpets

Non-Tapered Buff - 1-1/2"

CODE: WIZ11093


Price : $10.03

Long Non-Tapered Metal Buff Part No. 11093, 1½“ diameter x 1½“ General use cutting, oxidation and scratch removal.

Use with Wizards Metal Renew for fast effective power polishing on all types of metal surfaces. Ό“ shank fits most electric or air drills.

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